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26022 Cape Drive Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 | Laguna Niguel | 949-582-5909

Location Description:

Rocks in Laguna Niguel is nestled in an industrial office park next to a bakery that supplies cookie dough for local elementary-school fund-raisers, Rocks draws a fuck-it-all crowd looking for a night it'll hardly remember. It's a dimly lit, black-walled, many-mirrored adult playground: There's shuffleboard, darts, a wide dance floor, raging karaoke and, most crucially, $2 drink deals on Thursdays. And they have a great house band: while banging their heads behind sprawling waves of cascading hair, guitarists Justin Suitor and Jeff Lyman pluck out a nimble interplay of classic-rock-era riffage in the vein of AC/DC mixed with psychedelic, reverb-laden ambiance. While their songs sound great on an iPod, their live shows are the main event: Witness Suitor abandoning the stage to howl amongst the metal monkeys in the pit. Interesting side note: Suitor demonstrates his range of talent and lends his songwriting services to local pop band Honeypie.

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