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Rebel Bite

649 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90802 | Long Beach | 562-437-0555

Location Description:

Rebel Bite is an Italian-inspired Southern restaurant. You must order the squid-ink pizza—a pie slathered with a jet-black substance that coats the pencil-eraser-like nubs of the stir-fried calamari as though spilled crude oil. Eat a slice, wipe your mouth, and your napkin ends up looking as though a printer had a catastrophic cartridge malfunction. But if you close your eyes while you do it, your brain will tell you what your mouth already knows: The stuff is even better than any tomato sauce or cheese. This is an extraordinary pizza: crisp-crusted; balanced between the tangy, the salty and the fishy; and, most important, something Rebel Bite never offered when it was a just a food truck.

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