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Pomme Bébé

2043 Westcliff Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660 | Newport Beach | 949-200-7430

Location Description:

Pomme Bebe in Newport Beach is a unique restaurant: it only sells baby food. That it’s existed all these years to fill such a niche market is a testament to the concern that mothers have to make sure that their younglings eat the best possible food, and the staff here makes sure that customers understand that this isn’t a gimmick spot but a serious place that takes care of all customers, no matter how small or whiny. With a nearly all-white interior complete with a baby-food bar that has pod-like highchairs, pomme bébé looks more like an iPod than a place that hawks baby food. pomme bébé (all lowercase, of course) offers fresh organic baby food. Their slogan: You don't eat out of a jar, so why should your baby? The colorful goo and more solid toddler food ($3.25-$4.50) comes in neat little plastic containers with flavors such as chicken asparagus orzo, chicken pot pie blend, pear kiwi apricot and quinoa primavera . . . This definitely isn't Gerber. But it is definitely Newport Beach.