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270 E. 17th St., Ste 17 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | Costa Mesa | 949-650-7437

Location Description:

Pie-Not is an Australian restaurant in Costa Mesa that offers authentic Aussie meat pies: freshly baked, kept warm under heat lamps in a display case, and ready for takeout. There are a dozen different kinds here, each titled to make you grin. Most are variations on a ground beef-filled base-model pie called dog's eye; When peas and carrots are added, with mashed potatos sealing the top, a Dog's Eye becomes a Drover; a concoction that's eats exactly like a shepherd's pie. The Shroomin'; is a Dog's Eye with mushrooms in it. And when Cheddar and bacon bits are involved, it becomes That'll Do Pig.” But if any Aussie ex-pats have any doubt Pie-Not is actually Australian, there's this: It offers lamingtons, a confection that resembles a brownie crossed with a Hostress Sno Ball, but is simply a square of soft sponge cake that has been encased in a slightly crunchy, fudge-like shell of chocolate icing, then covered in a furry coat of desiccated coconut.

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  • Cuisine(s): Australian, Bakery, Comfort Foods, New American
  • Hours: Sun, Tue-Sat 8am-5pm
  • Price: $
  • Serving: Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch
  • Parking: Lot Available
  • Payment Types: All Major Credit Cards, cash
  • Attire: Casual
  • Features: Catering, Kid Friendly, Patio/Sidewalk Dining, Takeout

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