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Paleteria La Flor De Michoacan

1750 S. Main St. Santa Ana, CA 92707 | Santa Ana | 714-664-0701

Location Description:

La Flor de Michoacán is a Santa Ana ice cream shop that sells Mexican paletas. It’s not just that they offer all the flavors required in a proper Mexican ice cream shop for its made-in-house nieve and popsicles—nuez (walnuts), horchata, lime, chile-spiked mango, rompopé (egg nog) and so many more. It’s not even that they offer the rare flavors only the best paleterías offer—mamey, chamoy, chongos (sweetened curds), among others. On the paletas front, you’ll find guayabilla (a tropical fruit related to guavas but far tarter and sweeter) and tejocote, an ancient fruit banned for decades in the United States (and subsequently smuggled into el Norte by Mexicans needing their ponche fix for the holidays) that tastes like crabapple finished with with lime. Ice creams bring nance, a fruit with the taste of custard. All ice creams start a bit crystallized but melt beautifully on your palate; the paletas maintain their icy bulk down to the last lick.

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