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Mysterium at Weinert Chapel

19211 Dodge Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 | Santa Ana | 714-771-5436

Location Description:

Mysterium Theater is a theater based out of a church in Santa Ana. After three years, OC Weekly finally dedicated a feature to Marla Ladd's frenetic theater company (see "Holy Host," June 29), but this august publication has yet to review a show at her digs, housed on the campus of the very forward-thinking Church of the Foothills. Maybe it's because there's so much to choose from: This year alone, Mysterium Theater was scheduled to mount 24 productions, ranging from the sexually charged Spring Awakening and the (hopefully) not sexually charged Charlotte's Web to a summer series of Shakespeare plays that included a woman playing the titular role of Othello as a woman. The need to pay the bills accounts for the heavy programming schedule, and the hope in this quarter is that Ladd and her incredibly enthusiastic band of thespians keep on truckin' until we finally get around to choosing an actual show to review.

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