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Johnny Rockets

71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618 | Irvine | 949-753-8144

Location Description:

Johnny Rockets has corporatized the quintessential 1950s-style diner, serving up burgers and fries with a side of retro shtick for nostalgic Orange County diners. The 25-year-old chain boasts more than 300 outlets, including some on board Royal Caribbean cruise ships and inside Yankee Stadium. Squint and you can almost imagine you're on Happy Days with the Fonz; each restaurant is replete with red vinyl booths, checkered tiles, and servers in paper hats and bow ties who will draw a smiley face with your ketchup. Besides the burgers and fries, there are hand-dipped shakes and malts, onion rings, hot dogs, chili, and salads, because even in the 1950s, people counted calories. Johnny Rockets is easy to find on Voice Places.

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