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Hot Dogs Hot Dogs Hot Dogs

W. 4TH St. Santa Ana, CA 92701 | Santa Ana |

Location Description:

This cart (which has no formal name other than the “HOT DOGS HOT DOGS HOT DOGS” on its canopy) has other treats besides its bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Bags of chicharrones hang from the side; plastic containers of fruit salad await a spritz of lime juice and a dusting of chile powder. The cart does a brisk sale in tostilocos, a sort of mestizo Fritos pie, with a bag of chips mixed with Japanese peanuts, fruit bits and pork rinds, then bathed in Tapatío and chamoy, a fruit-based sauce the way only Mexicans can make fruit-based sauces: simultaneously sweet, salty, spicy and savory. Tostilocos skip through nearly every possible food experience—crunchy, bitter, sour, soggy, everything—into a glorious mess, one that just might be the next—yep—bacon-wrapped hot dog for mainstream companies to copy.

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