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Honda-Ya Box

2969 Fairview Rd. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | Costa Mesa | 714-557-2688

Location Description:

Honda-Ya Box is a Japanese restaurant in Costa Mesa. At Honda-Ya Box, the emphasis is on quick meals of the bento box or plate variety that people can order to-go or eat quickly. It’s best to go just after the lunch rush, as the wait can be long then. Eaters choose from the most rudimentary of menus—an entrée, a complimentary bowl of miso soup, a salad and whatever the side of the day may be (from enoki mushrooms to pasta salad). There are a couple of sushi roll offers, but expect quick, cheap meals instead of an endless parade of snacks, as you'd find at its Honda-Ya older siblings. And though the meals may be prole, the tastes are spot-on: the Japanese curry here is savory, expansive and sweet, while pork katsu crunches with a thousand crumbs.

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