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El Fracaso Bar

701 N. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92703-2756 | Santa Ana | 714-530-9074

Location Description:

El Fracaso is a bar in Santa Ana. It's is a legendary bar in Mexican OC--for that name, right, but also because it's a no-drama type of place, where working men can unwind without having to worry about narcos or mayhem. The typical uniform here is a grease-, paint- or concrete-flecked T-shirt emblazoned with a company name. The cars out front in the tiny parking lot don't stray far from a pickup truck outfitted with racks that contain the tools of their owner's trade: gardening tools, wooden planks, rebar. The women bartenders lord over the room on an elevated walkway behind the bar, the easier to fetch beers from the multiple coolers and titillate the clientele with their chichis and nalgas à la Coyote Ugly. If El Fracaso ("The Failure," in Spanish) is failure, then we should all be so lucky.

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