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Donde Adela

1707 W. Chapman Ave. Orange, CA 92868 | Orange | 714-940-1701

Location Description:

Donde Adela is a Colombian restaurant in Orange. Order the sobrebarriga criolla, a gargantuan plate of beans, rice, fried plantains and potatoes, as well as an epic steam-cooked flank steak presented alongside bell peppers. If you don’t like the meat so juicy, you can always order it caballo-style: grilled. And then there’s always the bandeja paisa, a constellation of meats: turgid chorizos, chicharrones that resemble fossils, and eggs your way. Any of those meals could double as a Norm’s special in a pinch, but far tastier and almost as cheap. These three dishes make up almost the entirety of the regular menu; almost everything else is daily and weekly specials, which necessitates multiple visits.

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