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1236 W. Civic Center Dr., Ste. C Santa Ana, CA 92703 | Santa Ana | 714-305-7704

Location Description:

Civic is a bistro in Santa Ana. Three guys run the place, with an emphasis on making stuff in-house (the peanut butter is sweet, silky and perfect) or sourced as locally as possible (the owners are regulars at SanTana’s recently rebooted farmers' market). Don’t think this is dainty fresa shit: The owners are practitioners of what I have previously deemed Primo-Mex, the kind of mashups Mexican cousins do every carne asada Sunday to show off. So not only are there gargantuan burritos (one with green chorizo!), but they’ll also come with a green salsa that resembles wheatgrass juice but burns and makes you forget the bottle of Tapatío you grabbed. Lunchtime sandwiches come with jalapeño remoulades. On the menu are the bacon-wrapped hot dogs of co-owner Christian Lemus, better known as Mr. Hot Bunz and legendary throughout SanTana nightlife for his half-pineapple, half-habanero sauce.

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