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Chixy Natural

488 E. 17th St., Ste. B104 Costa Mesa, CA 92627 | Costa Mesa | 949-631-3449

Location Description:

Chixy Natural is a Costa Mesa restaurant that specializes in rotisserie chicken. The skin is only slightly crispy, the better to make eaters focus on the flesh, juicy and soft, edible with a spoon. The simplest combo gets you a drumstick and breast, along with tortillas (though store-bought, they’re of high caliber—no GRUMA shit here) and your choice of sides. While they’re all fine, the best are the couscous (chockablock with raisins that cut through the salad’s tartness) and baked beans out of a Southern roadhouse. Together, in this well-kept dive in a tony Costa Mesa strip mall just a long putt away from Newport Beach, you get a lunch better-suited for a picnic at Mile Square Park.

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