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Chaba Thai

10444 Knott Ave. Stanton, CA 90680 | Stanton | 714-229-9208

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Chaba Thai’s offerings veer little from the pad Thai/curry/fried rice/triumvirate that dominates Thai cooking in Southern California. Those are fine, even great, but the female owners and chefs distinguish themselves with second-level specialties: an awesome sausage platter accompanies with slivers of ginger and chili, the perfect bar food (although I don’t think they serve beer), perfectly pungent green papaya salad, the shrimp paste and dried shrimp emitting their trademark funk. Their chicken larb is simultaneously desiccated and juicy; the curries, while expected, get loaded up with more heat and sweetness than you’ll find at similar competitors. Factor in the preposterously low prices—the lunch special comes with entree, salad, and steamed rice for $6.95—and you’ll praise Stanton anew.

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