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Buns N Rice

20048 Santa Ana Ave., 105 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 | Costa Mesa | 714-979-3051

Location Description:

Buns N Rice is a traditional office deli with an emphasis on Korean cuisine. It serves a bimimbap streamlined toward assimilationist tastes. Gone is the meat, the heated stone bowl; in their place are carrots, lettuce, spinach, strips of scrambled eggs and warmed rice all served in a plastic bowl with a top for convenient transport back to your cubicle. The lunch includes ramekins of sesame-seed oil and Korean chili paste to mix and tie all the pieces together. The result is ingenious—objectively, a good-great bimimbap, but a figurative smash in the never-ending quest to get more Americans to eat Korean.

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  • Cuisine(s): Asian, Deli, Sandwiches
  • Hours: Sun 11am-4pm, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
  • Price: $$
  • Serving: Dinner, Lunch
  • Payment Types: All Major Credit Cards, cash
  • Features: Catering

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