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Al Tannour

2947 W. Ball Road Anaheim, CA 92804 | Anaheim | 714-484-0900

Location Description:

Most of Al Tannou's menu is devoted to pleasing Lebanese palates—fine shish kebabs, awesome sambouseks, pita sandwiches, rice dishes, sphihas and the like. But look around for just a moment, and you'll notice the bread on the tables isn't pita, but rather khubz, a thick, toothsome flatbread as wide as a basketball hoop that's fluffy and crispy and perfectly made fresh every day. You'll notice entrée names that have yet to enter America's Middle Eastern lexicon: masgouf (Iraq's national dish, which features fish marinated, then slow-roasted over a fire and served on rice), kousi and a wonderful fried meat pie called kobba musilia that Al Tannour always seems to run out of.

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