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ABC Indomart

345 N. State College Blvd. Fullerton, CA 92831 | Fullerton | 714-927-9400

Location Description:

ABC Indomart is an Indonesian grocery store in Fullerton. It's a tiny place, just three aisles of groceries, a big freezer in the back and a smaller cooler in the front. The only décor is in the front window, which rotates posters of whatever concerts or festivals are upcoming (usually in Duarte). But this is where non-Indonesians can get a quick primer on how one of the most fabulous cuisines on Earth gets constructed. There are shelves, for instance, of seasonings offered by Munik, the McCormick’s of Indonesia. Other aisles feature noodles, make-your-own-tempeh kits, even a couple of Dutch items thrown in to give respect to the archipelago’s former colonial masters. In the frozen section exists packets of milkfish and other meats. Soft drinks, chocolates, detergents, everything—ABC Indomart will fill all your Indo needs.

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