Tustin Inn

440 E. 1st St.
Tustin, CA 92780-3310


  • Coat Check
Tustin Inn is a bar in Tustin. Taxidermied wild boar heads are perched behind the bar, with silly hats and headbands hanging off the tusks and ears; across the room, a buffalo's head stares them down. A painting of John Wayne (the same image Wally George had on The Hot Seat, actually) sits in the corner by the entrance; various state flags line the top of the walls. A cigarette machine stands in the middle of the room and the light-up advertisement on top proclaims, "Winston. America's Best." And the drinks are stiff and cheap—one could imagine Hunter S. Thompson stumbling in and proclaiming he'd found the American Dream. And then getting his ass kicked by Hells Angels.

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