Tortas y Biónicos “Nice”

222 E. Warner Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Tortas y Biónicos “Nice”

The Mexican

Tortas y Biónicos “Nice” is a Mexican restaurant in Santa Ana. It’s a glorified snack stand, with fruit salads (the aforementioned biónicos, a baroque concoction of fruits, chile powder, a blizzard of coconut shavings and even more chile powder) and fruit juices the main draw. The tortas are as large as a textbook, split into regions (the Oaxaca one has quesillo, a Michoacán version features carnitas, the Guadalajara take is ahogada, etc.). Tacos and burritos are also available, but this is a modern-day car-hop: Get your food, joke with pals, see Univisión, then get out.

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