The Bruery

715 Dunn Way
Placentia, CA 92870
Best Of
According to the massive sign on the wall of the Bruery's tasting room, the Placentia brewery's dedicated space has been open for just more than a year now. Sporting a fancy electronic menu and crisp wooden surfaces, the Bruery tastes like paradise to all of the hops-loving beer connoisseurs. Whether you're at the bar sipping the fragrant Trade Winds triple, along the walls with the pitch-black Tart of Darkness sour stout or setting down a glass of the hop-tastic Loakal Red at beer barrels turned into beer tables, anybody who wants to have a great time tasting suds will be right at home here. Relatively inexpensive beer flights can coax beer-based conversation out of even the most unrefined tastes, but don't come here to get drunk. (Leave that for the Goat Hill Tavern, kids.) If you do end up off-balance, food trucks occupying the parking lot Thursdays through Sundays will get you back on kilter.

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