Taqueria Morelos

12631 Westminster Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92843


  • $
  • Parking Lot Available
  • Reservations Not Necessary
Here is the only true Morelos-style restaurant in Southern California. There are tacos acorazados, the legendary specialty of the state's capital, Cuernavaca, consisting of a fresh, large corn tortilla topped by rice, grilled onions and jalapeños, and sweet, crunchy milanesa. Other morelense gems dot the menu: picaditas, thick masa discs buried under cabbage, queso fresco, Mexican cream and your choice of meat (though opt for the jerky-like cecina); pork rib served with squash and slathered in a fine red sauce; molotes, more traditional to Oaxaca but here airier, crunchier, like a fried taco fused shut with red-orange ground chorizo inside, then bathed in Mexican cream and a watery salsa que pica.

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