Taqueria Guadalajara Lonchera

S. Sycamore St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Taqueria Guadalajara is a food truck in Santa Ana that sells Mexican food. The lonchera sells regular tacos and burritos, but as with the chain itself, those offerings are merely good. Go for the stuff you’ve probably never heard of. Indulge in a torta ahogada, a sandwich of carnitas and refried beans in hardened birote (really a bolillo, but those fresa tapatíos always have to try to class up everything) drowned in a furious red salsa and topped with pickled red onions. If you want to eat lighter, order the tacos dorados: hard-shelled tacos. These aren’t Taco Bell monstrosities, but freshly fried, stuffed with your choice of beans, potatos or requesón, a ricotta-like type of country cheese that’s intensely milky. The crunch of the tacos dorados is so great and the accompanying, garlic-heavy ajite salsa so wonderful you’ll shake your head in disbelief that these tacos are the direct ancestor to Taco Bell’s heresies.

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