Tacos Radioactivos

15th and Main streets
Santa Ana, CA 92701


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Tacos Radioactivos is a lonchera in Santa Ana. It has a small but perfect chilango menu. Primary among the listings is the pambazo, that sandwich of renown that finds chefs dunking a bolillo in a salsa, grilling the results so that the salsa magically gets encapsulated in bread, then stuffing it with repollo, crumbled cotija, and a spread of mashed potatoes and chorizo. Radioactivo's pambazo is open-faced--if you touch it with your fingers, the yummy red stains will stay with you for days--and so soft you can easily eat it with a spoon. And the flavors within--spicy because of the guajillo salsa, crunchy with chorizo, salty gracias to the cheese--makes me think pambazos will finally cross over come 2015.

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