3313 Hyland Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


  • Daily 11am-9pm
Shuck is an oyster bar in Costa Mesa. At Shuck, a large blackboard lists about four dozen different oyster varietals with names as fun to read as they are to ask about. Get the coveted Duxburies, Malpeques, and Totten Inlets if they're available. Oysters here are reportedly no more than two days plucked from the water, stored in labeled metal vats inside a waist-high fridge and shucked in front of you on two cutting boards placed front and center at the bar. Shuck’s shuckers will engage their customers like sushi chefs as they jam their knives into shells tucked under terry cloth towels, prying them open while trying very hard not to stab their own meaty palms in the process. To chart your oyster conquests, they give you a tiny check-off card and a pen. Since an oyster here--no matter the origin and fanciful the name--costs $3 a piece for little more than a teaspoon's worth of meat, eating enough to satisfy any sort of hunger will quickly become prohibitively expensive. Order a grilled cheese or a seafood stew to fill you up.

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