Sawali Grill

3414 W. Ball Rd.
Anaheim, CA 92804
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  • Sun, Tue-Sat 10am-8pm
  • $
  • Kid Friendly, Takeout
  • Dinner, Lunch
  • No Alcohol
  • Parking Lot Available
  • Reservations Not Accepted
Sawaili Grill is a Filipino restaurant in Anaheim. It has seven small tables, one of them covered with cookies, pastries and other Filipino desserts in plastic boxes. Go to the counter and tell the woman behind the glass what you want. Served turo turo (cafeteria) style, she drops two huge scoops of rice on a plate and looks at you patiently while you try to decide. Two large barbecue pork skewers, generous with smoky, flavorful meat, not too fatty? Or kaldereta, a hearty, chunky beef stew with bell peppers, chile and other veggies? Beef mushroom overflowing with large sliced mushrooms and slices of beef reminiscent of boeuf bourguignon? The calamares is a little more of an acquired taste for a white palate, but the tender squid is cooked in its own delicious, salty ink.

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