Plaza Inn

1313 Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802


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  • Dinner, Lunch
If you're in line for Star Tours or the Astro Orbitor and you suddenly feel the pangs of hungry creep in, it's because of Plaza Inn. The smell from the fried chicken it cooks permeates the entire area. And if you've tasted it before, you know it's hands-down the best fried chicken not just in the park, but probably the City of Anaheim. Plaza Inn, for the quick, cafeteria-style restaurant that it is, will serve its golden, and inexplicably non-greasy chicken with mashed potatoes, loads of gravy, a heap of green beans, and a useless biscuit. It's a monster of a meal. You don't just get one or two pieces of that chicken, you get three. But you finish every bit, starting with that rendered skin, and leaving nothing but the bones. This is fried chicken that not only exceeds your expectations of theme food but also the dish itself - a fried chicken that's arguably better than the one that started Knott's Berry Farm.

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