Pizza del Perro Negro

2233 W. Balboa Blvd.
Newport Beach, CA 92663
Pizza del Perro Negro is a pizzeria in Newport Beach. Consider the chile relleno pizza, featuring an honest-to-goodness poblano baked on top of the deep-dish pie, with cheese on cheese unifying in the greatest tag team since the Hart Foundation. Even better is the carnitas pizza -- the shredded pork is worthy of a mulita -- which pales only to the Cannibal: cochinita pibil, pickled red onions and habaneros. There are about 10 of these Mexified creations -- Pizza del Perro Negro’s offerings will not only become a surfer/stoner obsession within weeks, but would also convince even the most strident Aztlanista to brave Balboa. And while you can order full pizzas, your better bet is going with the Monster Slices, which in reality are personal-sized beauties -- a steal at 5 bucks.

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