Pars Supermarket

23762 Mercury Rd.
Lake Forest, CA 92630


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Pars Supermarket is a market in Lake Forest. It hosts at least seven eateries, each with its own glossy menus and specialties. ManDeli specializes in Persian counter food, from cutlets to sandwiches that contain everything from silky roasted beef tongue to olivieh to buckets of Persian spreads (mast-o-musir, kashk-e-bademjan, and even laboo, the best beets you’ll ever eat). Pitabari Bread bakes not only the expected pitas, naan and sangak, but also such rarer breads as taftoon, flatbreads spiked with dill or saffron. KebobSaray is your place for Persian rice pilafs and kabobs. And the best stand of them all is Patatez, a Turkish spot that’ll sell you Turkish-inspired pizzas, baked potato or an iskender kebab (the country’s famous meal of chopped-up pita bread topped with butter, beef, tomato sauce and sour cream) plate so massive I couldn’t finish it after stabbing at it over two days—and I can eat La Casa Garcia’s 5-pound burrito in one sitting.

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