Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Company

12362 Chapman Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92840
Among the Disneyland-adjacent motels lining Harbor Boulevard, Oggi's Pizza & Brewing Co. is a beacon of class. Founded in the early '90s, at the dawn of the microbrew explosion, the small Oggi's chain is known for serving up its own brand of craft beers in addition to a large selection of liquors. The offerings include Oggi's own take on hefeweizen, Scottish ale and a light lager. Relatively small for such an establishment, this location features a large semi-circle of flat-screen TVs ringing the mahogany bar. The room, though small, is neat and filled with several cocktail tables. A video-game version of Texas Hold 'Em sits in a corner; a small room located just off the main bar offers several comfy couches.



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