Neveria La Flor De Mexico

7151 Katella Ave.
Stanton, CA 90680
Best Of


  • Daily 12pm-8pm
  • $
  • Parking Lot Available
Neveria La Flor de Mexico is a Mexican ice cream store in Stanton. They serve Mexican specialties alongside the usual chocolate/vanilla/strawberry flavors you can find at Thrifty’s, and is run by a woman/daughter team that are very helpful and can take your order in both English and Spanish. A fruit called guanabana in the Americas and soursop elsewhere puckers the mouth with a thrilling tang. A pop dubbed pico de gallo eats like frozen spicy gazpacho on a stick. Strawberry comes in at least three permutations, one mixed with creamy vanilla and others with just the fruit itself. Her rompope has an eggnog richness, and the watermelon is a sweet evocation of the fruit as only a handcrafted creation such as this can achieve. If you're going to take a few home—and you will—she'll pack some ice in the bag so the paletas don't melt during your journey. Next time, bring a cooler.

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