241 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
Muzeo +

Robert+J.+Overstreet%2C++%22War+Elephant%22 Post-pachyderm

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  • 'Reverie in Daily Life'
    2 years ago by Erin DeWitt

    What we love most about Muzeo's latest art exhibit is the complete lack of pretentiousness. It's even described as the "unsophisticated answer" to the age-old question, "what is art?" Nine artists came together for this exhibition, ...

  • 'Transcending Trash: The Art of Upcycling'
    2 years ago by SR Davies

    Upcycling was first discussed by Reiner Pilz in 1994, and is considered a much more effective conservation effort than recycling (or “downcycling”), where materials are destroyed to make lesser-quality products. In upcyc...

  • Artopia - MUZEO - March 22,2014
    2 years ago by Scott Feinblatt

    Artopia MUZEO March 22,2014 The Muzeo stands in the heart of the city of Anaheim. Within its main gallery, the Carnegie Building, and Anaheim Heritage Center are contained artifacts and documents which tell the tale of the town's hi...

  • Artopia: Celebrating the OC People Issue This Weekend
    2 years ago by Nate Jackson

    In case you didn't know, The Weekly's second annual People Issue just hit the streets (and coffee tables, record stores, restroom stalls, etc.). That can mean only one thing: Artopia!--our special night of art, music, complimentary ...

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