Meizhou Dongpo

15363 Culver Dr.
Irvine, CA 92604
Meizhou Dongpo is a Chinese restaurant in Irvine. To say that it’s unlike any other Chinese restaurant in town would be an understatement. The outside looks like something out of a Zhang Yimou wuxia film set in ancient imperial China. The building, which was once a Marie Callender’s, is now transformed into the imposing country fortress of a nobleman, with windows shielded by dark slats of wood and roof tiles that could deflect a rain of arrows. Walk inside—past the hermetically sealed kitchen where uniformed chefs carve mahogany-skinned ducks into razor thin slices with the precision of surgeons—and the room opens up into an opulent den where ornate lanterns dangle, rows of tassels divide the room, and blue mood lighting emanate from hidden LEDs built into the ceiling. If the Maseratis parked outside aren’t the first clue that dinner here can easily tick into the triple digits, the menu should be. It’s as heavy as a yearbook, with glossy pictures for every dish and wordy descriptions that include, in some cases, what famous person ate it.

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