Macksan's Cafe - Closed

712 E. Balboa Ave.
Balboa, CA 92661


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  • Street Parking
  • Reservations Accepted, Reservations Not Necessary
The only purely Japanese restaurant on the peninsula, it's nothing along the lines of Kappo Suzumaru or any of Takashi Abe's outposts-but don't think the owners have watered down their cuisine for gaijins, either. Here exist robust udons-five of them-ranging from a simple su to a tempura udon in which fried meets scalding in a union of fatty heaven. Forget cereal, and instead try a true breakfast bowl: oyakodon, egg, chicken and green onions mixed, then placed over rice (they also sell one made with katsu). It seems like such a simple dish, but this version is worthy of being hawked at a Tokyo train station.

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