234 W. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92866
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LinX in Orange sells wieners, and what wieners! Whatever sausage sandwich you end up with, expect your fingers to get greasy and your napkins thoroughly soiled, especially if it's embellished with a few of the 30 house-made sauces and adornments. You don’t consume LinX’s sandwiches so much as you mack with it. Point the business end of the hot dog toward your mouth, and the toppings reach to the tip of your nose. You'll spend a good minute seeking the best possible angle on how to maneuver your lips around it. A common practice is to take a fork and tamp down the toppings, spreading the homemade relishes, the near-liquefied grilled onions and the mustards evenly inside the bun and around the dog. Even still, if the sausage is particularly thick and the bun slit too deeply, there will be times when the whole thing falls apart. Knife and fork it if you have to because Scott Brandon’s sandwiches are possibly the most thoughtfully crafted dogs you’ll encounter in OC.

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