Knafeh Cafe

2941 W. Ball Rd.
Anaheim, CA 92804
Best Of


  • Mon-Tues, Thur-Sun: 12pm - 9pm Closed Wednesday
  • $
  • Takeout
  • Breakfast, Late Night, Snack Food
  • No Alcohol
  • Free Parking
Knafeh Cafe is a Middle Eastern bakery that has been the go-to spot in Little Arabia since opening earlier this year, with Middle Easterners of all ethnicities and religions flocking to the increasingly pretty strip mall that hosts it and the fabulous Iraqi restaurant Al Tannour. The knafeh is what largely draws people in, made fresh every morning and displayed on a tray that empties by midmorning, gets refilled, and then gets emptied again. But the dive isn’t just the sum of its namesake; it’s the best Middle Eastern bakery in the county, offering the expected (you’ll find more styles of baklava here than you even knew existed) and the somewhat-known (the maamouls, sugar cookies stuffed with a spread of—take your pick—walnuts, dates or pistachios), as well as multiple specials that skip across the Levantine, from Jordan to Syria, Lebanon to Palestine, where family members own a bakery legendary for its own knafeh. What to get? Everything—and go every day, as the bakers make said specials according to how they feel. They also offer Turkish coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, a selection of tea, smoothies, blended mocha and chai drinks with wireless Internet access.

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