2493 Park Ave.
Tustin, CA 92782

Elmo Monster


  • $$$
  • Full bar
Kettlebar is a Cajun restaurant in Tustin. At Kettlebar, you should order the same way you would order at other Cajun/Creole joints that would use steam kettles as the main cooking apparatus: the pan roast. You have your choice of protein, everything from the $16 base model of chicken and sausage to the $26 bowl with nothing but lobster. All start the same way: with a pat of butter thrown into the kettle with tongs, followed by the meat, a splash of brandy, then ladles of the thick, preprepared simmering sauces the chefs keep at arm's length. Seconds later, the whole thing begins to bubble and boil as though volcanic magma. If you opted for the house pan roast, a handful of snowy crabmeat gets dropped in just seconds before the brew is tipped over by a lever and poured into a bowl. To finish it, your cook deposits an ice-cream-scooped dome of rice in the center and hands it to you. As you eat it with the aromas of cayenne and paprika encircling your head, he flushes the kettles with water from a spigot, then scrubs them clean with a metal scouring pad. Soon, the process starts again.

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