Jamboree Kitchen

2626 Dupont Dr.
Irvine, CA 92612
We don't know why the food court vendor called BB Pho changed its name to Jamboree Kitchen; but if we had to guess, it's because not everyone that comes to this business park food court knows what pho is. This part of Irvine, though it's within blocks of the UC Irvine and its predominantly Asian student body, is decidedly not in Asian food-friendly waters. Daily Grill and The Melting Pot are long time tenants and most of the cubicle dwellers that descend to have lunch here have probably never set foot in Little Saigon. But the Vietnamese dishes offered at this stall is unwaveringly authentic. They do a great bowl of bun, topped with grill roasted pork sweet enough to be considered porcine candy. They, of course, have pho. Park in the ample underground parking below the food court and then slurp away your lunch hour in beef broth bliss.


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