Irvine Fine Arts Center

14321 Yale Ave.
Irvine, CA 92604
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Irvine Fine Arts Center

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Irvine Fine Arts Center is an art gallery in Irvine. Nestled unobtrusively in Irvine Heritage Park, just a parking lot away from the beige blandness of the city, is a hidden treasure that has been there for 30 years: a nondescript building, hugged by trees, that consistently features excellent work by local artists, as well as the occasional celebrity (such as Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh), with nearly every artistic medium you can think of represented. We're not talking watercolors by bored middle-class housewives, but art with a viewpoint, much of which even pushes a welcome boundary or two. The Irvine Fine Arts Center has juried shows in its comfortable, relaxed space and hip atmosphere. Best of all, not only does it serve the work of its artists well, but it also offers reasonably priced classes in ceramics, print-making, jewelry and the culinary arts for the entire family.

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