Ikram Bakery

9895 Warner Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708


  • Daily 8am-7pm
  • $
Ikram Bakery is a Turkish bakery in Fountain Valley. One tray on the counter contains turnovers called pogaça, fat beauties stuffed with feta cheese, potatoes and minced meat, or another featuring an eggplant-pepper mixture that lingers on your tongue; the bread is similar to a dinner roll, except softer. Another tray features their most popular item: simit, a sesame seed-covered twirl of bread similar to a bagel but saltier. Also popular are the boreks, a family of pastries made with phyllo dough layered around, above and even beneath ingredients. One looks like a massive baklava but contains cheese; others find olives dotted around the different layers. All of them are engineering marvels—filling but light, delicate yet sturdy. If you need a baguette or non-ethnic bread, the Ikram crew sells those as well, and good renditions at that.

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