Hy Roy Lounge

5050 Heil Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


  • Daily 6am-2am
  • Smoking
Hy Roy Lounge is a bar in Huntington Beach. Its location is quiet and unassuming, yet visible from the street. The tall, gray, brick building is devoid of windows, with the word cocktails painted on the side in large, fading letters; it can be easy to drive right by and never notice. And the locals who live within stumbling distance like it that way. It's your standard neighborhood bar with no frills and more wood than a Kate Upton video-viewing party. But peel back some layers, go beneath all the free beer-company mirrors and metal signs, and you'll find the remnants of attempts to spruce up the joint. And the booze—so much booze...


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