H Mart

2600 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606


  • Monday to Thursday, Sunday from 8am-10:30pm Friday and Saturday 8am-11:00pm
If you're a Korean supermarket entrepreneur, look no further than HMart in Irvine to see how it's done. This compact little supermarket in what is perhaps the busiest shopping center in Irvine is the shining example of how to run a Korean grocery. The vegetables alone prove that it's the supermarket you want to go to: they're cheap and farm fresh, two previously mutually exclusive things. The fish department is immaculate, not smelling of actual fish. If you want to cook Korean BBQ at home, shabu shabu, or a stew, this is the place to get your ingredients. Some of it is already chopped, packed and ready for the pot. If you'd rather not cook at all, there's the small but essential food court, with two of the best Korean food vendors in the city.


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