Grand Central Art Center

125 N. Broadway
Santa Ana, CA 92701
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Grand Central Art Center is an art gallery in Santa Ana that’s run by Cal State Fullerton. It’s gallery we're consistently wowed by. From their "Subsumere: Assemblage" show (featuring the killer trio of Barry Krammes, Rebecca Edwards and previous Weekly Best Visual Artist winner Janice Lowry) to their "Happy Show" (which made us very happy indeed), this Cal State Fullerton-supported gallery has been a reliable mind-blower. And it’s now run by John Spiak, who earned nationwide attention as curator at the Arizona State University Art Museum in Tempe for awesome exhibits and vigorous outreach efforts to the public. He has immediately impressed since getting the job, staging exhibits that actually bring in crowds, picking artists-in-residence who focus on community projects and emerging as a peacemaker in Santa Ana's brutal gentrification wars. And you'll never meet a nicer, softer-spoken, less-presumptuous art nerd than Spiak—when he says he loves the city in its entirety, from the hipsters to the quinceañera shops, you not only believe him, but you also immediately want to buy whatever artwork he suggests.

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