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Disneyland is in Anaheim, and we can write a lot about this place—so let’s go instead with one of the best rides around. It isn't every day you can travel to Bengal and go on a thrilling adventure in search of Indiana Jones. Once you get in line, the park's setting is completely changed. It's an adventure in itself to reach the loading area, as you go through different caves, avoiding diamond-shaped steps, and watch the mini instructional film. The Disneyland ride's illusions and projections vary depending on which door you go through, and the Jeep is bumpy, as though you're actually driving through the rough terrain of an ancient temple in the Amazon. You pass snakes, fire, savages with blow darts and a mummy chamber—but it isn't until the giant boulder threatens to crash into the Jeep that you finally encounter Indy and save him. There isn't any other ride that offers the fun, adrenalin-rush satisfaction of saving the charismatic archeologist.

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