California Art Experience, Open Studio Tour

Follow the Self-Guided Tour & Map at:
San Clemente, California 92672
Discover Workshops In Action and Meet the Remarkable Makers of Local Art in the California Art Experience, Open Studio Tour This Unique Open Studio Tour Unveils Local California Artist Workshops, Extraordinary Art and their Remarkable Makers. Join us the first Sunday of every, including Sunday - September 4th from 10am to 5pm. Gather Your Family, Friends and Neighbors to Follow the Route and Enjoy the Free Art Adventure. California's diverse culture and speechless landscapes hold some of the most incredible Art ever being created. The 1st Sunday of every month, all year-round, is an opportunity to enjoy the mysterious curiosity of Art being formed. Who is making it ? Why are they making it ? Where is all of this happening ? Find out answers to these questions and many more as you gather your family and friends to enjoy the self guided map of participating artists. Build connections that extend beyond the tour. The self-guided journey is an educational opportunity for young and old to converse with Artists and watch them working on their creations, live and in action. Learn what inspires them, why they create and appreciate the personal stories behind each captivating piece - from skydiving to painting, we encourage and support all forms of Art. There is no telling what you will find when the workshop doors open and intriguingly unveil Art behind the scenes, like you've never seen before. Enjoy watching the fantastic energy of Art being created right in front of you. What an amazing feeling it is to be part of the moment. This educational, interactive, all-ages art adventure is not to be missed ! Enjoy the Gift of Art / Enhance Your Life / Grow Everyone Around You For More Information on this Educational Entertainment or to Participate as an Artist, please visit: We can also be found on the FaceBook group: California Art Experience, Open Studio Tour.


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