Anaya's Catering - Closed

On Borchard Ave. between Main and Sycamore streets
Santa Ana, CA 92701


  • $
  • Parking Lot Available
  • Reservations Not Necessary
Only one thing is worth ordering here: the cemita poblana. Everything about this sandwich is perfect: two layers of perfectly breaded milanesa, chicken or beef according to your choice. A fat, toasted sesame roll, almost as eggy as challah. And dense, creamy slabs of queso panela below the milanesa, plus a cobweb of Oaxacan quesillo above that melts just so. The lady who prepares the sandwich will ask you whether you want it topped with chipotle or jalapeño-choose the former. And you'll have to ask her to place pápalo on it, the refreshing, metallic-tasting herb that lingers in your mouth for hours. Anaya's cemita is a two-hander, as large as a double Western bacon cheeseburger, but so much healthier and better.

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