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Alex's Bar

2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA 90804
Best Of


  • Daily 3pm-2am
  • Patio/Sidewalk Dining, Smoking, Wifi Access
The dim red lights and walls covered from top to bottom with framed portraits of bull fighters and luchadores manages to make Alex's Bar bizarrely lovable. This Long Beach favorite comes equipped with a full bar, pool table, and insanely amusing bathroom wall murals for your enjoyment. Not only does this venue host a slew of talented up-and-coming local musicians on a weekly basis, but it is also used as the set for filming the Fangtasia bar scenes in HBO's True Blood series. Cozy and kitschy with friendly bar service, this place will have your spirits high enough to consider shelling out three bucks to make memories in the custom photo booth hiding at the corner of the bar.

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