Aleppo’s Kitchen

513 1/2 S. Brookhurst St.
Anaheim, CA 92804
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Aleppo’s Kitchen

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Aleppo's Kitchen in Anaheim serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Staying true to its name, the restaurant features Aleppine specialties, starting with its kibbeh. Most Middle Eastern restaurants in Orange County will offer this carnivorous cousin of falafels, a fried ball of minced lamb and beef mixed with bulghur wheat and pine nuts; but Aleppo’s offers nine versions, including ones covered in pistachio dust, as turgid as a cigar, and a raw variety that's like the most intense carpaccio you'll ever taste. The rest of the menu is a feast of regional rarities you won't find elsewhere, from olives drenched in pomegranate sauce to a fermented goat cheese spread to muhammara, a walnut paste spiked with Aleppo peppers and olive oil that is as decadent as it sounds.

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