Al Tannour

2947 W. Ball Rd.
Anaheim, CA 92804
Best Of
Most of Al Tannou's menu is devoted to pleasing Lebanese palates—fine shish kebabs, awesome sambouseks, pita sandwiches, rice dishes, sphihas and the like. But look around for just a moment, and you'll notice the bread on the tables isn't pita, but rather khubz, a thick, toothsome flatbread as wide as a basketball hoop that's fluffy and crispy and perfectly made fresh every day. You'll notice entrée names that have yet to enter America's Middle Eastern lexicon: masgouf (Iraq's national dish, which features fish marinated, then slow-roasted over a fire and served on rice), kousi and a wonderful fried meat pie called kobba musilia that Al Tannour always seems to run out of.

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