Ecofashion: The latest rage among mainstream consumers-Infographic

The popularity of eco-fashion is growing day by day, taking Hollywood by storm as more and more celebrities are choosing eco-friendly clothing for the various fashion shows. You can see few facts, which shows the popularity of ecofashion, believe it or not you will find twenty three thousand eco-friendly clothing listings in Etsy website. Moreover, Pinterest's six thousand pages are entirely based on eco-fashion niche. Numerous Green fashion shows are being organized in Paris, London, New York, and Milan Spring and Summer Fashion weeks. The trend is so popular that in Oscars 2012, 6 celebrities including popular Hollywood actress Meryl Streep wore a golden gown which was designed by the famous designer Lanvin. Colin Forth's wife Livia Firth organized the Green Carpet Challenge. Bradley Cooper in the Golden Globe 2013 was seen wearing the eco clothing designed by Tom Ford.

Apparels are manufactured in millions of yards, to meet the customers’ needs. You would not have failed to notice the various fashion shows held every week, and the number is in the increasing trend every week. The need and desire to dress to the event has grown tremendously. As a result not only, the apparel industry is gaining more profit but the waste materials are also getting accumulated. Organic and sustainable clothing is preferred by people who believe in the ultimate goal of sustainability and green shopping. Activewear, Outerwear and accessories- all types of clothing have been gaining popularity gradually in the ecofriendly category.

Recently British based top Green Fashion Label Jigsaw London is being launched in America, to transform the unused fabric into the trendiest style clothing. Jigsaw Green label is finding this remaining fabric and making them an ecofriendly clothing without compromising on quality.

The recent apparel industry has heard more of ecofriendly fashion or the eco-fashion shows. If you are wondering what eco-fashion is, then here goes the brief explanation. Manufacturing clothes, while considering its impact on the environment is termed eco-fashion. While the environment is taken care, you should also note that the health conditions of the workers of this industry are also taken into account. The materials of the eco-fashion apparels are natural. The crops like cotton are grown without using pesticides and materials obtained from silk worms are used. Also, these apparels are made from surplus and recycled fabrics of good quality. Even plastic is recycled to be used in manufacturing these fabrics.

Jigsaw works in the following concept. It finds out the unused fabrics in the warehouses of the textile industries. Jigsaw does it more often and in a frequent basis. This is to make sure that good quality fabrics are got from the warehouses. These fabrics undergo the process of recycling. As a result, the environment is protected from using bio-degradable fabrics. Then the designing process of jigsaw begins. The design is created by the in-house team of jigsaw. Actually, most of the designs are under construction meticulously over years and keep for, the right material to be found. Sometimes, though the fabric is of good quality, jigsaw might not have the right design. Such fabrics are kept in the queue for the appropriate design. The designs of the Jigsaw are brought about in the clothes by the sewing companies. The local sewing companies do the sewing tasks. Then this clothing are sent to the American boutique shops of jigsaw.

In the boutiques, the works that are approved are taken as samples for the designers. Until the customer is satisfied with the apparel, the designers keep modifying. So, out of the remaining clothing fabrics, Jigsaw does more fashionable apparels. When customers use it, they do not compromise on quality and do a favor to the earth. The only way to protect the environment from global warming that occurs due to the unused fabrics is to recycle and put them into use. Eco-fashion is not only beneficial to the environment, but the designers and others related to fashion and designing are chosen from the local area and benefited.

Ecofashion is clearly the way forward. You can find just about anything made in a greener way, whether you are looking for trousers, gym shorts, or compression stockings in various colors and sizes. Not only can you find all the styles you want but you can also help support a greener fashion industry at the same time.


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