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Jules et Jim. Francois Truffaut's crowning achievement concerns Catherine, a free-spirited woman played masterfully by Jeanne Moreau, and the two friends who love her (and each other) across decades. The film captures perfectly the poignant frustrations of love only semi-requited, the realities of intimate social interaction, and the incomparable giddy and unstable rush of spending time in the presence of emotionally vibrant people unbound by social convention. Truffaut's use of documentary footage, chronological jumps, stream-of-consciousness storytelling and detached voice-over narration makes this, along with Godard's Breathless , one of the defining pictures of the nouvelle-vague. Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, 117 North Sycamore, Santa Ana, (714) 667-1517. Fri., 8 p.m. Free.

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Brazilian Avant-Garde. UC Irvine Film and Video Center presents a double feature that begins with Brazilian artist Florian Pumhösl's 8-minute short Program, which concerns the origins of Sao Paulo's modern movements, and Sao Paulo, a symphonia da metropole, a 79-minute, 1929 film directed by Adalberto Kemeny and Rudolf Rex Lustig that's considered important for documenting the rise of the Sao Paulo metropolis. Equally important—some film historians consider it to be one of the best Brazilian films ever made—is the second part of the double feature, Limite, a 1931 film directed by Mario Peixoto that focuses on the limits faced by man in the struggle for existence. UCI, Humanities Instructional Building 100, Irvine, (949) 824-7418; www.filmandvideocenter.com. Thurs., Feb. 1. Program and Sao Paulo, a symphonia da metropole, 6 p.m.; Limite, 8 p.m. $3-$5.

A New Tomorrow. Newport Beach filmmaker Carey Corr screens his first feature film, a mockumentary that satirizes the entire spectrum of the American political process. Wipe the sleep from your hungover eyes and support local filmmaking. Edwards University, 4245 Campus Dr., Irvine, (949) 854-8811. Sat., 9 a.m. Free. RSVP to rsvp@anewtomorrowmovie.com.

911 Mysteries. This film addresses lingering questions some have regarding the 9/11 tragedy. The screening is followed by an open forum discussion of the film. Bring an open mind AND mouth. Java Co., 15286 Rosecrans Ave., La Mirada, (714) 523-2844; hb911truth.blogspot.com. Thurs., Feb. 1, 8 p.m. Free.

Red Sorghum. This event was supposed to happen several weeks ago, but was rescheduled. The film by celebrated Chinese director Zhang Yimou is being screened as part of the Bowers Museum's "Asian Dinner and Movie" night, which should make for a slightly more interesting date than my usual "Del Taco and Video Game" night. The film concerns Jiu'er, a young woman played by the radiant Gong Li, who is sold off to be the wife of a sickly vintner. When the winemaker dies, Jiu'er inherits the business and must resist the invasion of the Japanese if she wants to maintain her lifestyle. Bowers Museum, Fluor Gallery, 2002 N. Main St., Santa Ana, (714) 567-3679; www.bowers.org. Thurs., Feb. 8, 7:30 p.m. $8-$10. For reservations to the pre-film dinner, call Tangata Restaurant at (714) 550-0906.

Rocky Horror Picture Show. Haven't already seen this movie a million goddamn times? Then come on out to the Queen Mary for the requisite midnight screening. Royal Theater aboard the Queen Mary, 1126 Queens Highway, Long Beach, (562) 684-4411; www.qmxroyal.com. Sat., 11:45 p.m. $8.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon. This 2006 documentary presents the facts behind the United States government's surveillance of John Lennon as a result of his anti-war activities and general disregard for authority. After watching the film, you may find yourself longing for the days when pop stars were considered a dangerous enough threat to the status-quo to warrant government surveillance. Directors David Leaf and John Scheinfeld will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A. Carpenter Center at Cal State Long Beach, 6200 Atherton St., Long Beach, (562) 985-7000; www.carpenterarts.org. Thurs., Feb. 8, 7 p.m. $5-$10.

Vertigo. The UC Irvine Film and Video Center presents a newly restored 35mm print of Alfred Hitchcock's classic exploration of obsession and neurosis. James Stewart plays a retired police detective who becomes infatuated with an old friend's wife after he is asked to investigate her odd behavior. The film, despite being less classically entertaining as some of Hitchcock's blockbusters, has come to be regarded by many critics as one of his greatest works. Lauren Steimer, a lecturer in UCI's Department of Film and Media Studies, introduces the film. UCI, Humanities Instructional Building 100, Irvine, (949) 824-7418; www.filmandvideocenter.com. Thurs., Feb. 8. 7 p.m. $3-$5.

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